Sunday, 18 January 2009

New year new me? i was inspired by lollipop26 to start a blog and to also try some new brands of make up! I think ive been stuck in my ways of always using the same much so that my boots online account has all my products saved so once a month i press a button and 2 days later I have my new stock!! I think my blog will be a bit random, as in i love telling people about the things i buy so that could be... new shoes, a bag, sunglasses(a big love of mine) and even a new haircut! I dont have a web cam but i'll probably be getting a new laptop soon so keep tuned!! Have a good day peeps!

Lipgloss 86 xxx


  1. Lokking forward to reading about your purchases and welcome to the world of blogging lol. Lollipop inspires a lot of us to blog too... xxx

  2. MizzWorhty took the words right out of my mouth, hehe! x x x


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