Monday, 26 January 2009

my new obsession... i may be a bit slow on the make up front. Ive only really been addicted for a couple of weeks now, a late bloomer maybe?! Ive always worn make up since i was tiny as I was a pro dancer till I was 20. But on nights out i never went too mad on eyeshadows or trying new looks. I think where i went wrong was using 'cheap' make up which had loads of fall out and by the end of the night i looked awful. But ive realised i just need to invest in the right products....cue my new obsession!! So now i need to catch up with everyone else and get my mac palettes and start experimenting! I went to sallys at the weekend as i was in London (for the new kids on the block concert...oh yeaahhh!) and id heard sooo many good reviews about Chi Silk Infusion, i had to try it! I was sold straight away as all chi products were 50% off! Yes my silk infusion cost me under £6. I used it for the first time yesterday and wow! I love it, its my new secret weapon! Im a huge lover of bed head products but i really want to try the rest of the chi range. Im planning on investing in their tongs before the week is out! I also bought 2 pots of china glaze and i'll upload some pics soon!

Im off to New York in 4 weeks and 3 days (but who's counting?!) so im making a big list of must haves so i dont forget anything. You'll have to wait for the haul blog, its going to be huge! So if anyone has any products they think i should get, let me know. Im going to go for the smokey looks so blacks, browns, neutrals etc to start get commenting and help me out! Also if anyone has any places i should visit whilst im in new york, please tell me! Ive been before(when i was 14) so ive done all the sights so this time will be mainly shopping and cocktails, so any bars, restaurants, hidden boutiques...i would be so grateful for your tips!

Happy blogging chickadees


  1. You HAVE to go to the MAC pro store obviously! You'll fill about twelve palettes easily lol! Also I heard they have cosmetocs company outlets (cco's) where you can get old limited edition stuff and Mac brushes cheap... xxx

  2. aww thanks, do you ave any idea where the secret shop is?! i was hoping to pick alot of mac stuff up in the airport too! I'll end up missing my flight! x


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